Huge Cottonwood Tree Removal in Livonia, MI

In the summer of 2013 we were contacted to remove a huge cottonwood tree situated between 2 houses in Livonia, MI.  This tree was particularly challenging because of its size and close proximity to both houses.  We used traditional rigging plan to bring this tree down safely.  First the climber set his climbing line, allowing him move around the canopy of the tree.  Next he sets one or more rigging blocks in the canopy of the tree.  The placement of the blocks will determine where the branches and logs land as they are lowered to the ground.  After the rigging is set, the fun can begin, each limb is tied off to the rigging line and lowered to the ground in a controlled manner.  Once all the branches have been stripped, the climber starts on the main trunk.  After each log chunk is lowered to the ground the climber must move us climbing line and rigging down to the next cut.  This part of the removal is tedious but prevents major lawn damage.   Once the main trunk is low enough, we can then drop it and start the stump grinding and final clean up.

Below is a time-lapse video of this cottonwood tree removal in Livonia, MI.
Video available in HD, please change YouTube video quality setting.