Maple Tree Removal – Livonia, MI

We were contracted to remove this Silver Maple tree in Livonia, MI.  The tree was hanging over the house, deck and service lines making this removal very challenging.  Other companies had quoted to remove the tree conventionally, lowering the limbs down to the ground of the tree itself.  To do this they wanted to cut the service lines to the house and replace them when the job was done.  This would have left the homeowner without power and cost extra money to have a licensed electrician cut and replace the lines.  We looked at this tree completely different.  We would be able to avoid all the obstacles by using a 28-ton crane.  The crane lifts large sections of the tree up and sets them down safely in the street for processing.  To get the crane within reach of the tree, we needed to drive across the lawn and sidewalk.  The homeowner was concerned we would leave ruts in the lawn and crack the sidewalk.  I assured the homeowner there would be little to no damage, we would lay down AltrunaMats before driving across lawn or weak cement.

Our knowledge, skills, and equipment allowed us the make this tree removal look easy.  The whole tree was removed and cleaned up in just over 2 hours.

Below is a time-lapse video of this crane assisted tree removal.
Video available in HD, please change YouTube video quality setting.